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• 9/24/2013

Making Multiple Tabs

As seen in AKBINGO! and other TV Show pages in AKB48 Wikia, I have made multiple tabs. Here's how I made some of them:


Click on the images to understand the discussion.

Tabber 1

First, I make the tabs for what's going to be appearing inside the multi-tabs. (labelled as "1st set")

Tabber 2

Next, I make another separate set of tabs for what would be the secondary tabs would be. Notice that the tabber function for this set would be different from the earlier one, but it still functions in the same manner. (labelled as "2nd set")

Tabber 3

The next will be transferring the first set of tabs inside the 2nd set. The first set of tabs will now be seen as the content inside the 2nd set.

Tabber 4

If you click preview, you'll now see that the 1st set of tabs will now be in the 2nd set. Since I made "Generations" as an example, the same tab will show up in each group.

Tabber 5

In Nogizaka46 × HKT48 Crown Program Battle, I only "attached/inserted" two pages (HKT48 Tonkotsu Magical Girls' Academy and NOGIBINGO!) to create the illusion that it's still a content of the page.

Notice that instead of the "[[]]" bracket, I used the "{{}}" instead, and by placing ":" before the page name, I can attach the whole page onto another.

Example: {{:AKBINGO!}}

Tabber 7

To avoid including the whole content of the page I am inserting, I add the "noinclude-/noinclude" function on the ones I want to leave out.

content I want to leave out</noinclude>

Tabber 6

The result will give another kind of multiple-tabbed page.

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• 9/25/2013
Thank you for this. It was very helpful.
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