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Shoe Size

These suspects were cleared after Acchan held a Senbatsu Election with the theme of "Who do you think the most likely to be the killer?".

Acchan's AttackEdit

  1. Held a Senbatsu Election with the theme: "Who do you think is the murderer?"
  2. Sent a blurry footprint in a melting ice and says "FYI: This is the culprit's footprint."
  3. Sent the list of shoe sizes (this data was easy to collect as Takamina had ordered the members earlier to store their shoes at the shoe box at the front door and only use the indoor shoes with their names on it when in the mansion).
  4. Acchan's final attack: Sent a message to the ones who were cleared earlier (except for Tomochin, Nyan-Nyan and Sasshii). The message: "After you receive the message presenting everyone's shoe size, please say out loud 'the ranking of people who you think is the killer in terms of shoe size' in public."


  1. Shoeprint - based on Acchan's observation, after the killer moved Yuko's body, she was very meticulous as to not leave a single print, so Acchan attacked her by making a footprint on the scene to make the killer "think" that she "left something" and she was "careless".
  2. List of Shoe Sizes - Acchan collected the list of shoe sizes from the shoe cupboard and sent it to all members, this is so that the killer will have a reference to match her own shoe size with another.
  3. Messages to the Members who were cleared through the Handshake Event - to disturb the killer more, Acchan contacted those who were now above suspicion (with the exemption of Tomochin, Nyan-nyan and Sasshii) to say their guess of the rankings out loud. This is to give the killer another reference to who might be a good choice to vote for.
  4. Votes - after the voting ends, it doesn't matter who got the most votes. Acchan's true goal is to gather the members who have voted for the same shoe size as the ones that they had voted. Members with shoe sizes that doesn't match the others were also included (too big or too small).

Suspects LeftEdit

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