Mitsumune Kaoru

MitsumuneKaoru SatsujinJiken

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Series: AKB48 Murder Mystery
First Appearance: Testimony File
Last Appearance: Testimony File
Number of Episode
1 (Testimony File)
Actor: Mitsumune Kaoru
Kaoru's Testimony
Mitsumune Kaoru

Mitsumune Kaoru

"Mayuyu-san! This… this can’t be happening! Sorry, I’ve recovered now. But I think the characters left on Mayuyu-san’s keyboard will definitely reveal the culprit! Ah, I’m going to the library."
―Mitsumune Kaoru's Testimonial[src]

Mitsumune Kaoru (光宗薫?) , nicknamed Kaoru (かおる?), is part of AKB48's Research Students (Team Kenkyuusei). She is one of the primary characters in AKB48 Murder Mystery series. She was based on Mitsumune Kaoru.

Manga Version

Chapter 2

After Sashiko found Rena's body, the members were called out to the hall right away. Kaoru, along with Moechan and Naana, was assigned by Mariko to report the incident with the staff on the other island, only to find out that the bridge had been destroyed.

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