Cat-eared Sailor Warrior Cosplayer
MousouDeka TakadaShiori MahouShoujou
Series: SKE48 Mousou Deka!
First Appearance: Episode 1
Last Appearance: Episode 12
Number of Episode
12 Episodes
Actor: Takada Shiori
Takada Shiori (SKE48)
SKE48 Takada Shiori Mousou Deka

The Cat-eared Sailor Warrior Cosplayer (猫耳セーラー服戦士のコスプレ Nekomimi seeraa-fuku senshi no kosupure?) was one of the contestants in Kuwabara Mizuki's Cosplay Contest. She is one of the primary suspects in the SKE48 Mousou Deka! series. She was portrayed by Takada Shiori.

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