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Shoe Size

The Shoe Sizes were collected by Detective Maeda from the Mansions' Shoe Cupboard. All members have their own shoes with their names on them provided by the staff specifically for that location for the CM filming. After collecting them, she sent them to all the members as a ruse to flush out the killer.

  • As the footprint was deliberately made by Detective Maeda as a ruse to flush out the killer using her own shoe, it is asumed that her shoe size is also at 24.5cm, as Yukirin accidentally wore Acchan's shoe in Chapter 1.
  • All footprints are still fictional in nature as they were only used by the author for the Mystery Novel's story progression. No actual documented shoe size of the involved members were yet to be disclosed.

Known Shoe Sizes (from the Manga)

Chapter 5

Member Shoe Size (in cm)
Team B
Matsubara Natsumi 24
Team K
Akimoto Sayaka 26
Itano Tomomi 23
Uchida Mayumi 24
Umeda Ayaka 24
Oshima Yuko 23
(name undisclosed)
[presumably Kikuchi Ayaka]

Chapter 6

Member Shoe Size (in cm)
Team A
Oya Shizuka 25.5
Shinoda Mariko 25
Takajo Aki 25
Takahashi Minami 23
Nakaya Sayaka 24
Team K
Akimoto Sayaka 26
Tanabe Miku 24
Fujie Reina 23
Matsui Sakiko 24.5
Minegishi Minami 24
Miyazawa Sae 24.5
Yokoyama Yui 23.5
Team B
Ishida Haruka 23.5
Kasai Tomomi 24
Kashiwagi Yuki 24.5
Kitahara Rie 23
Suzuki Shihori 25.5
Suzuki Mariya 23
Chikano Rina 23.5
Masuda Yuka 25
Miyazaki Miho 24
Watanabe Mayu 23
Team 4
Abe Maria 24.5
Ichikawa Miori 22.5
Iwata Karen 25
Oba Mina 23.5
Shimazaki Haruka 23
Team Kenkyuusei (Research Students)
Muto Tomu 23
Kitazawa Saki 21.5
Kita Shiori 22.5
Shinozaki Ayana 22.5
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