Takahashi Minami

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Series: AKB48 Murder Mystery
First Appearance: File 1
Last Appearance: File 5
Number of Episode
5 (File 1-3,5 and Testimony File)
Actor: Takahashi Minami
Takamina's Testimony


"If I’m being honest, I think Mariko is suspicious. Well, Kato Rena is around 158cm tall, right? Since she was hit in the head, it’s safe to say a taller member would have to do it. Therefore, I am not the culprit! Right, my height is… Hm? 148cm? No no! It’s 148.5cm! Since this is important, please remember it."
―Takahashi Minami's Testimonial[src]

Takahashi Minami (高橋みなみ?), nicknamed Takamina (たかみな?), is the Captain of AKB48's Team A and became its central figure after Acchan's graduation announcement. She is one of the primary characters and also one of the primary suspects in AKB48 Murder Mystery series. She was based on and portrayed by Takahashi Minami.

Parts in the Story

SatsujinJiken Takamina CM

Takamina in the CM

Takamina was present in every CM video except for File 4, where her blood-stained clothes were the only thing shown, showing that she went to bathe alone.

Due to her habit of taking a bath alone, she was one of the most suspected characters.

CM Version

AKB48SatsujinJiken YSWeb1 File1

Takamina and the rest of the 1st Gen members with Team 4, Sashiko and Yuko

File 1

Takamina was with everyone after Sashiko found Rena's body in the hallway. After Acchan inspects the scene, she was asked if there were anyone else present in the mansion. After answering that only members were there, she (along with the rest of AKB48) were shocked at Acchan's conclusion that the culprit is among the members present.

Manga Version

Chapter 1

SatsujinJiken Takamina AKB48

Takamina in the Manga

After Atsuko announced her graduation, Takamina asked her backstage about what she would want do after that. After hearing Atsuko's answer, Takamina took it as a joke, until all 1st Generation members were invited by Acchan to her new office: The Maeda Detective Agency. After revealing to the others that she knew that Acchan wanted to be a detective, Mariko and Mii-chan were curious as to why Takamina kept it a secret in which she asked them in response if they were going to believe her if she told them. After Acchan got a call from their manager, they went to a duplex island owned by one of Akimoto Yasushi's friends for a CM Shoot. After their first day shoot was over, they went to their designated resthouse on the other island, with Takamina coordinating everyone. After Acchan arrived after being held back by the staff on the other island, they heard that Kato Rena was missing and was shocked to learn that the scream they heard was from Sashiko who found the girl's lifeless body in the dining hall.

Chapter 2

AKB48SatsujinJiken AtsuMina Manga

Acchan appears

After Acchan confirms Renacchi's death, Takamina and the rest of AKB48 were called to assemble in the Hall to discuss what have happened.

Chapter 3

AKB48SatsujinJiken Shinji Manga

I trust Atsuko

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Chapter 4

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 6

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Chapter 7

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Chapter 8

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Chapter 9

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