Takajo Aki

TakajoAki SatsujinJiken

AKB48SatsujinJiken TakajoAki 2012

Series: AKB48 Murder Mystery
First Appearance: File 3
Last Appearance: File 5
Number of Episode
3 (File 3, 5, and Testimony File)
Actor: Takajo Aki
Akicha's Testimony
Takajo Aki

Takajo Aki

"Because Renacchi was struck to death, I suspect it’s someone with a lot of physical strength. Like me? But it’s not necessarily limited to “struck to death”, right? For example… Something like Miorin’s headbutt?!"
―Takajo Aki's Testimonial[src]

Takajo Aki (高城亜樹?), nicknamed Akicha (あきちゃ?), is a member of AKB48's Team A. She is one of the primary characters in AKB48 Murder Mystery series. She is based on and is portrayed by Takajo Aki.

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